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  • Extending the Range

    At Jin Designs, work continues in the studio to develop the products and extend the product range - to bring you items that you can enjoy in your home or give as gifts to family and friends. In the future weeks and months, it's hoped that there will be new products for you to enjoy. As a small business one of the hardest things is being able to introduce new designs and products at the rate that some of the larger companies are able to. But the plans are there. And the determination to grow the collections and products is also. Continue reading

  • Black Cats

    For thousands of years, black cats have been viewed as extraordinary. They are linked to many different superstitions. Although these tales go back years, depending on where you come from, a black cat can still be seen as a good or a bad omen. But no need to worry, at Jin Designs, the black cat is designed in Britain and therefore follows British superstitions, meaning that it represents good luck. Here's a little bit of background into the origins of the curiosity which follows the black cat. Continue reading

  • Christmas at Country Living Fair

    Jin Designs is delighted to be exhibiting at Country Living Christmas Fair in London for a 3rd year running. This prestigious show is a celebration in the wonderful variety of makers, crafters, designers and producers that Britain has to offer. For Jin Designs it’s a great opportunity to connect with customers and show them new designs and products. Continue reading

  • Alternative Uses for Mugs

    It can be a common household problem - too many mugs in the cupboard and there's always one teetering on the edge. Sooner or later you may or may not end up with a breakage. Well, how about finding other ways to use your mugs and not just for tea and coffee. The more special the mug, the more reason to put it out on show and give it a new lease of life. Continue reading

  • Bringing A Bit of Brighton Into Your Home

    For many people, Brighton represents a place with an abundance of fun. The seaside city is renowned for its free-spirited people and summertime entertainment. In our recent blog post, A Brief History of Beach Huts, we wrote about how seaside towns rose in popularity after doctors in the 1700s began claiming that bathing in sea water could cure a multitude of illnesses. Continue reading

  • What is Sitting Dog Thinking About?

    Some of you may be familiar with Sitting Dog who comes on a range of different, beautifully crafted homeware and gift items. This beloved friend is illustrated from behind and appears to be pondering something. Every dog lover will have wondered what’s going on in their furry friend’s brain. Unlike a human, of course, if you ask a dog what they’re thinking, it's unlikely you'll get an answer! So what really goes on in a dog's mind? Here is a little bit of an insight... Continue reading

  • A Brief History of Beach Huts

    The history of our beloved beach huts is more extensive than you may think. Many people think that they were first invented in the Victorian era but they have, in fact, been around a lot longer than that. Here's a brief history of the beach hut for those that live by the sea and those that wish they did. Continue reading

  • Making Friends with the Gardener's Friend

    With the new Hedgehog addition at Jin Designs, it's an opportunity to share a few facts on these adorable creatures and to give you some tips on how to encourage them into your garden. Hedgehogs are often nicknamed ‘the gardener’s friend’, and for good reason too. They feed on pests and are extremely cute visitors. So how can you encourage hedgehogs to pop over to your garden? Continue reading

  • Finding the Perfect Gift for a Cat Lover

    Is there someone in your life that loves cats? The chances are there is. Living alone with cats is a growing trend and popularity for our furry feline friends is at an all time high. So the important thing is that you are able to find the perfect cat themed present when the time arises. And if the cat lover is you then the ‘time’ for a cat related gift is definitely now. Continue reading

  • Woodland Collection Mugs Have Arrived!

    It’s with great pleasure to announce the arrival of the Woodland Collection Mugs. These beautiful fine bone china mugs feature the brand new designs of Fox, Hedgehog, Badger and Rabbit. The mugs are the latest addition to the Woodland Collection which also includes coasters, placemats, worktop savers and zip bags. Continue reading

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