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Jin Designs Blog

  • Woodland Collection Mugs Have Arrived!

    It’s with great pleasure to announce the arrival of the Woodland Collection Mugs. These beautiful fine bone china mugs feature the brand new designs of Fox, Hedgehog, Badger and Rabbit. The mugs are the latest addition to the Woodland Collection which also includes coasters, placemats, worktop savers and zip bags. Continue reading

  • 4 Years On and Going Strong

    It’s been four years since Jin Designs Homeware and Gifts was launched. Amazing how quickly it has gone. And what a journey it’s been. Here’s a few words from Graphic Designer and Founder Jinny who gives her thoughts on the journey so far. Continue reading

  • Choosing Gifts for Dog Lovers

    The best gifts are ones that can be cherished and have a use. How many times have you been given a present which has ended up sitting on a shelf and not doing a lot else? Lots of people struggle when it comes to picking something out for their family and friends and end up giving money or a gift card. Whilst there is nothing wrong with that, giving a gift you are 100% certain someone will adore is a wonderful feeling for you and them. Continue reading

  • Best Uses for Zip Bags

    Have you seen the new Jin Designs Zip Bags? These brand new products originally started life as makeup bags but it was soon changed when realising they could hold a lot more than makeup! A zip bag can be used as a wash bag, makeup bag, travel bag or even a pencil case. Use them in the home or when you are travelling. Continue reading

  • Woodland Collection is Here!

    After months of dreaming, drawing and designing, the new Woodland Collection by Jin Designs is finally delivered! The Collection consists of four new designs - Fox, Hedgehog, Badger and Rabbit. Each one has a very simple and unique style and features on a range of beautifully made homeware and gifts. Continue reading

  • Strike a Pose At The Photoshoot

    After launching at Country Living Spring Fair last week, it was straight to the photo studio to get images ready for the new Woodland Collection. Teaming up with Capture Factory again, who are based in Brighton, Designer Jinny took the products and plenty of props to accompany the new models - Fox, Hedgehog, Badger and Rabbit. Continue reading

  • Fox and Friends Launch at Country Living

    It was a busy few days up at Alexandra Palace, the new venue for Country Living Spring Fair. Jin Designs joined over 350 exhibitors in the hall of this grand exhibition centre in North London. The fair was a chance for Jin Designs to launch the brand new Woodland Collection. Fox, Hedgehog, Badger and Rabbit featured on a select range of homeware and gifts, much to the delight of the Country Living Visitors. Continue reading

  • New Collection On The Way

    If you follow Jin Designs on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter you may have seen the new designs that are coming soon. Designer Jinny has been working hard to create 4 new characters which will make up the forthcoming Woodland Collection. Look out for Fox, Hedgehog, Badger and Rabbit which will feature on beautifully made homeware and gifts. Continue reading

  • Introducing Meerkat

    Meerkats are one of the most loveable animals on the planet. They have adorable little faces, striped fur and big bushy tails (measuring 19 centimeters long!). But it isn’t just the appearance of these squirrel sized creatures that make them so charming. These members of the mongoose family can be found in the south of the continent of Africa where they live in groups with anywhere from 3 to 50 members. Continue reading

  • Penguin Love

    With every design comes a lot of research here at Jin Designs. And when designing Penguin, there was a lot to learn about these sea birds. As any penguin lover will know, they are some of the most loyal creatures on the planet. Most breeds of penguin choose a mate and stay with them for the rest of their lives. Here's a few interesting facts to share about penguins. Continue reading

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